/Custom Kitchen and Bathroom Installation in Orange County
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We are direct fabricators and installers of Custom Kitchen and Bathrooms in Orange County. We employ the following forms of tiles and surfaces for our work.









Master bath in luxury home with marble floors and counters

When it comes to your home, deciding on a surface for your floors, counters, and
walls can be one of the most prevalent choices you have to make. The feel of
stone beneath your feet as you walk is invigorating.

We have extensive expertise working with porcelain, natural stone products, and
specialized, hard-to- find products. Our ultimate goal is to dazzle you, to create a
one-of- a-kind space that makes you feel good when you step into the room.

When you choose to install a high-end stone for your home, you’re not just
raising your properties value but you bringing art into every room from floor to

If you’re looking to purchase wholesale or residential tiles and surfaces, or even if you just have a few questions please don’t hesitate to call 800-333-9441.